Misconceptions about Extroverts

As you probably haven’t guessed, I am an introvert.  There are many misconceptions about being an introverts, but there are also many more misleading judgements about being an extrovert.  People assume that it is better to be an extrovert, because you get more friends, end up more successful and are overall happier.  The truth is that is not the case.  Everyone can debate about it till the end of time, but being an introvert is JUST as good as being an extrovert.

Everyone is always talking about the misconceptions about introverts, but today we will focus on all the things that make an extrovert seem like the better personality, when that is probably not the case.


1. Extroverts always have something interesting to say.


Yea, this one is a big one among people.  People assume that because most extroverts like to talk A LOT, they always have something interesting to say.  T

That’s not the case.  Most times, they’re just talking about things that you really don’t care about, but because you see them as a social butterfly…you think you care.  If you really listen to what they say, it can get both boring and repetitive really fast.

2. Extroverts are nicer.

Think about it, have you ever seen that quiet kid bully someone, or the popular people pass up an opportunity to make exclude people that’s not like them?

When we look at it, yea, extroverts can be nice people.  But when you really dig down deep, they’re a whole lot better at being vicious.  This is because they KNOW they have the leverage and the stereotype set in their favor.


3. Extroverts are happier than introverts

This is a flat out lie.  Everyone assumes that introverts are ALWAYS depressed because we don’t often talk about our feelings, and extroverts are NEVER depressed because they’re a big ball of happy.

All the ad’s and articles you see probably interviews people who are only extroverts, and looked for introverts who are generally unhappy with their lives.  That way, they aren’t necessarily lying, but you do get a biased opinion about them.


Most people who aren’t self-centered like to…not make other people unhappy.  This is why introverts keep to themselves if they’re generally not feeling up to par and why extroverts keep smiling.  Everyone fakes it, but extroverts and introverts get depressed just the same amount of times in their lives.

4. Extroverts are better leaders

I had to laugh at this one.  This misconception thrives off of the misconception that introverts are bad leaders, so therefore extroverts must be superior in leadership, public speaking and other roles that involve spotlight.

Extroverts tend to have the “act now, think later” personality, which can often get them in trouble, especially if they have an important leadership role.  Introverts tend to think things through before actually speaking, which can help when it comes to delicate situations.


I’m definitely not saying that introverts have the upper hand in life, but it would be nice if people didn’t always think that extroverts are the superior personality.  They have just as much quirks as we introverts do, and it’s a shame when people pass over an introvert like they are nothing, in favor of an extrovert who will probably get bored and look for someone else to do things with.

Till Next Time


4 thoughts on “Misconceptions about Extroverts

  1. I agree 100%. It’s a common misconception that extroverts are superior and everyone should be more like that personality type. Too many introverts buy into that and think something is wrong with them. Introverts should learn to first understand themselves and then LOVE themselves. Know their own strengths and weaknesses to build their own success in life. You definitely don’t have to be an extrovert to be successful!

  2. Hey, I’m a pretty extroverted person, I agree with some of the things you wrote but I think you’re a bit biased. Introverts can be bullies too, it’s not that we extroverts monopolize bullying. I’ve actually met some introverted people who talk behind other people’s backs.Introversion doesn’t make you nice just like extraversion doesn’t make you nice

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